Enamel Barn Light











I found a cheap Enamel Barn Light Shade at Elkhorn Flea Market and this will be my future kitchen light when I get a house.  For now, it sits in the corner, but how adorable will this be over a wood table.



Antique Shows

Summer is the time for antique shows.  I have been making a point of traveling to as many shows as possible this year.  Here are some of my favorites:

The Blog is Back

Life has gotten a little hectic, but as I was told “Just because you have a new boyfriend, doesn’t mean you can neglect your blog”.  Therefore, I have decided to resurrect Pistachioicecream.  Expect some fun additions, since I’ve had close to 9 months to brainstorm ideas.  🙂

Affordable Ottoman

Ottomans are not the cheapest piece of furniture out there, so why not try out a cheap alternative.  Buy a coffee table with unique legs, add a big piece of foam, and pick out amazing fabric to place on top as though you are covering a chair seat.  Such a perfect option when you are looking to find the fabric that fits!

Company C

I discovered Company C while checking out a store in Door County.  They specialize in high-end fabrics, furniture, and rugs.  I love the bright colors and patterns.  The prices are a little steep, but I definitely want to keep them in mind as I hopefully move out of this little apartment and into a much larger space!  Here are my personal favorites.

Mustard Yellow

My favorite fall color is Mustard Yellow.  I’m digging it in cardigans, skirts and even tights.  An added bonus, yellow just happens to be one of the colors for my favorite NFL team.  Check out these awesome combinations of golden hues.