Valentine’s Day for Singles

No, I’m not going to spend the night with all my single girlfriends and wear black.  Not that I haven’t before, but that was in my younger days.  Instead, I’m going to tell the people in my life that I love them – it doesn’t have to be a significant other, but I plan on calling my family, dear friends, and taking advantage of “the day for love”.  It is important to surround yourself with love and look to those who you admire.  My parents are more in love today than ever before, and my grandparents were together for over 60 years.  I have inherited some of the valentines that my grandfather gave my grandmother.  Life was so much simpler then.  If you ever run across these in an antique store, take a look at the messages.  It will put things in perspective.

Yearly Horoscope

For those of you that know me well, you know I am a big fan of reading my Yahoo horoscope daily.  There have been many days when my horoscope was right on.  For example, I had been contemplating leaving my job for a few weeks and had been struggling internally on whether it was the right decision.  The day I got my job offer, my horoscope read, “Change is inevitable — nobody knows that better than you. Still, that doesn’t make it fun, and as you cope with today’s big news, you need to remind yourself that it’s all a part of the cycle of life.”  This is only one instance – there have been several more.  Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, take the opportunity in the New Year to read your Yearly Horoscope at


Christmas Card Collection

Can you tell I’m in the holiday spirit?  I am a huge fan of Christmas cards.  My family has taken a Christmas card since I can remember, and it is always fun looking back at us through the years.  Plus, who doesn’t like getting a nice letter in the mail instead of everyday bills and junk mail?  This is a simple way to showcase the cards you receive (yes, the more you receive, the more friends you have….kinda like Facebook friends) and a cheap decorating technique.  If you don’t have the cards that can just hang on twine, use small clothes pins or paperclips.  Love this – now I only need to receive some Christmas cards….

Real Simple

As some of you maybe noticed, I get a lot of my ideas and inspiration from Real Simple Magazine. It is one of my favorite magazine, website, newsletter – everything!  Well yesterday after a long night of hanging with friends, my best friend and I decided it was a perfect lazy Sunday to dye our hair and look at wedding magazines.  Granted, she is a lot closer than I am to getting married (aka – she is dating someone), but nonetheless, neither of us has a ring on our finger.  We were going to go the cheap route, but how could we pass up Real Simple Wedding!?  Seriously, this has everything you could ever want when planning a wedding.  It is really more like a workbook than a magazine, but they still have inspiring wedding ideas and tons of photos.  One of my favorite is the color coordinating section.  If you prefer green, then it will give you several color combinations that work.  Ok, you think this can’t get any better, well just tear out the postcard insert inside the magazine, send it in, and you get ONE FULL YEAR OF FREE REAL SIMPLE!  Considering this is one of the more expensive magazines out there, this is a great deal!  Whether you are getting married or not, you can’t pass up a free subscription. 

Ultimate Packer Website

Everyone has their favorite sports team – mine just happens to be the Green Bay Packers.  Yes, growing up in the little city of Green Bay did have something to do with it.  When you go to the Mall on Packer Sunday and no one is there, but the game is still broadcast over the loudspeaker, you know where the priorities lie.  It isn’t hard to keep up on the latest player news or team developments.  Living in Minnesota, however, it is a little more challenging to keep up to date on my favorite professional team.  Don’t worry, there is a solution – is a reliable source that compiles all publications and broadcasts into one feed.  You can get the local news from the Green Bay Press Gazette, while still taking in the national news perspective from ESPN.  Did I mention I’m so excited for Football Season to be back!?

My Favorite Planner

A friend of mine introduced me to the PaperSource Daily Planner a few years ago.  Since then, I do not leave home without it.  It is a perfect combination of monthly and weekly views, plus is comes in four adorable colors.  My current planner recently had a run-in with some torrential rain, so I needed to purchase a new one ASAP.  Luckily, PaperSource sells their planners twice a year – in August for back-to-school featuring a 18 month calendar and in January for the typical 12 month version.  My previous planner was olive, but this time I decided to spice it up with coral.  Plus, their new version offers a “Do Something Creative This Week” box on each page that is a fun added touch to keep you having fun and enjoying life everyday.  Another added feature is the “Websites to Visit”, “Restaurants to Try” page in the back, that lets you keep track of great new ideas in an organized manner.  You seriously can’t get any better.  You can purchase them online or at their store in Uptown Minneapolis. 

Twenty Something Twenty Everything

Ok, I don’t know about you, but I often find myself questioning every aspect of my life – relationships, am I working in the right place?, should I be living where I am?, or move back to be by family?, why am I not more successful?, should I be taking advantage of this time in my life to travel?  Life in your twenties is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be – I thought I would be engaged, planning a wedding, looking for a house, in my dream job, saving up money to have kids and for a honeymoon.  Boy was I wrong.  I have a lot of friends in the same boat – a lot of friends struggling with the pressures of being a twenty something woman in the twenty-first century.  It is a lot different from our grandparents and even parents – we are expected to be independent, but also in a relationship, working a successful and profitable job, all while remaining close to our friends and family.  It is a lot. 

I was browsing around Barnes and Noble one day and came across the book Twenty Something Twenty Everything.  Just reading the synopsis, I knew I had to buy this book and read it –  “Is your life not working out like you expected? Do you sense that nothing is dreadfully wrong, but nothing feels quite right either? Done everything you were “supposed to do” but still do not feel fulfilled?  This book is for you. Faced with a career she worked hard to achieve but didn’t like and the disintegration of her relationship; author Christine Hassler talked to other women and discovered a pattern. Many women in their twenties (and thirties) feel unsettled and struggle to reassess their positions on what Christine calls the “Twenties Triangle:” Who am I? What do I want? How do I get it? ”

The book walks you through every aspect of your life and gives you exercises that assist in your understanding and relating the chapters directly to your life.  I have to be honest, I didn’t do every exercise, but definitely can appreciate their purpose and chose to participate in those I felt would be beneficial.  I don’t recommend many books, but I can honestly say this was extremely helpful – if for nothing else, to realize I am not the only person that feels this way.

Interesting Article

My boss forwarded me a e-newsletter with information on how to work with young adults from Generation Y.  Take a look at the three steps on “how to better interact” and let me know what you think!

1.    They are immediate. This often comes off as impatience, but Gen Ys are used to things moving at a fast pace. Channel this energy into projects that are meaningful to them and need a flurry of activity to get accomplished.

2.    They are informal. Gen Ys tend to be comfortable interacting with anyone at any level of the organization. Encourage this outreach but ask that they keep you updated about whom they’re talking to and on what topics.

3.    They learn with others. To figure out a new task, Gen Ys often like to talk it through, sometimes with people from another unit or a different company. When the task is sensitive, set the rules that this is out-of-bounds. For other topics, recognize that this collaborative instinct is a good one and don’t discourage it even if it’s not your style.

Men are from Mars…

Yes, I’m talking about the book “Men are from Mars.  Women are from Venus”. Ok, I know what you are thinking – are you really reading that book that came out in the early 90’s.  Well yes, yes I am.  Honestly, it is well worth the read!  I thought a lot of topics would only pertain to married couples my parent’s age, but turns out I find myself saying “Wow – if I only would have known” or “I totally do that!”.  I even went as far as giving my ex-boyfriend the book to read a few chapters in hopes that it helps his future relationships.  I realize now there were a lot of things in my relationship that could have been handled differently and there were a lot of things that BOTH of us needed to learn about the opposite sex.  Whether you are in a relationship or single, this book is very enlightening and helpful in any romantic relationship.