Someone Like You

Like everyone else in the world right now, I’m obsessed with the Adele “21” CD.  One song can make me cry in an instant.  Someone Like You is brilliant.  It addresses every single girl’s fear and regrets from a lost relationship and brings truth to the reality that “Sometimes it lasts in love, But sometimes it hurts instead.”.  I could listen to it on repeat all day.

Inspirational Tunes

Breakups are always hard – especially when you know you should be over things but just can’t seem to shake the feelings.  I heard Sara Evans perform her song “Stronger” the other night and really related to the lyrics.  Now all I have to do is multiply her “one month” lyric by 14.  Every works at their own pace I guess.


I’m traditionally behind the times when it comes to new music.  I have no doubt this instance is any different.  I’m loving  the song Kandi by One Eskimo right now.  Check out the awesome live version and the lyrics below.

You’ve been my queen for longer than you know
My love for you has been
Everything step I take
Every day I live
Everything I see

And if I get things wrong
Don’t want you to think I’m running away
But I heard from Jo about this guy and I want to know

What did he say?
He called me baby, baby all night long
What did he do?
He called me baby, baby all night long

Why? Why? Why, did you need him?
Where was I?
Just how close to you is he?
Every smile you gave
Every touch you made
Every word you said

And it hurts beyond hurt
It was a love that blinds
And a love that stings
When I heard from Jo about this guy
And I want to know

What did he say?
He called me baby, baby all night long
What did he do?
He called me baby, baby all night long
What did he do?

He called you baby, baby all night long
What did he do?
He called me baby, baby all night long
What did he say?
He called me baby, baby, all night long
What did he do?
He called you baby, baby, all night long

I know he called you babe
All night long

Cute Haircut, Cute Song

So I’m already a huge Sugarland fan, despite the sometime corny songs they produce.  Jennifer Nettles is simply adorable!  She just recently cut her hair for a  new video called “Stuck On Glue” and totally pulls it off.  The video makes me want to be her friend and embrace her energy.  I also love her because she can pull off vulnerable, like in her video, “Stay”, which makes me cry every time.  I’m very much looking forward to their new CD and will be watching for upcoming concerts.  She is an amazing woman, seems very down-to-earth, and has amazing style.  Now this is a music artist you can look up to.

Country Bar

As most of you know, I LOVE country music.  Personally, I am not a huge fan of Toby Keith, but when his new bar opened in St. Louis Park, I had to go check it out.  I was there on a Saturday night, and we did have to wait a bit to get in – like 5 minutes, but fortunately the line is in a covered alley so the torrential rain did not ruin my hair.  Please note ladies : I do believe I could have gotten in faster if I had worn a shorter skirt and a tighter top, but that just isn’t my style – the bouncer is very biased.  Anyway, once you get inside it is pure energy!  There is a live band every weekend on Friday and Saturday, and usually not a cover unless it is a well-known star (last weekend was 2/3 of Trick Pony).  The beer is served out of a mason jar (yes, like the song), the drinks were affordable ($3.50 for a bottled beer and $3.50 for a mixed drink), the band was great, there are plenty of bathroom stalls so no line, the bartenders were quick, and the crowd was diverse.  I danced the night away to my favorite songs, but don’t expect to talk when  you are dancing – it is super loud.  The only downfall was the creepy guy and the bachelorette parties.  If you are into country or just looking for a different scene, definitely check this out! 

Ultimate Break-up Soundtrack

I think every girl does it – creates a soundtrack after a break-up that will get her through the hard times, the sad times, the angry times.  Well, I thought I would share my personal playlist that has helped me through the past 6 months.  Yes, I said 6 months.  Some take longer than others I guess.  I started this list right away in January, and have gradually added more as I move further in the process.  Take a listen to some of the highlights.

“Blindfold” by Tristan Prettyman –

“Pray For You” by Jaron and The Long Road to Love –

“Lover, Lover” by Jerrod Niemann –

“I Look So Good” by Jessie James –

“Madly” by Tristan Prettyman –

“Ain’t Killed Me Yet” by Eric Church –

“The Way I Am” – Ingrid Michaelson –

“Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Buble –


My Favorite Country Artist

Last Thursday, Jamie and I attended one of the most amazing concerts.  This was my sixth time seeing Eric Church perform live.  He is so much fun to watch and his music reminds me of small town living, not that Green Bay is that small, but rather the small town mentality.  I know what a  lot of you are thinking – “I don’t like country music”, “This is a silly post”, “What’s up with the mustache” – but honestly just give it a listen.  My favorite song on his new CD is Carolina, and not because of the name, but I also like Hell on the Heart and Ain’t Killed Me Yet.  Give it a listen and pay attention to the lyrics – he has some good lines.  If you don’t like it, fine, but you got to try it at least once!  Listen to all his music at