Mustard Yellow

My favorite fall color is Mustard Yellow.  I’m digging it in cardigans, skirts and even tights.  An added bonus, yellow just happens to be one of the colors for my favorite NFL team.  Check out these awesome combinations of golden hues.

Best Bra For Size B

Many of you may have seen the Aerie promotions lately.  They are claiming to have a bra that increases your cup by two sizes.  Being blessed with babies my whole life, I had to try this.  I can honestly say this bra is magical!  It works wonders!!  Now, if you are already endowed, this might be a little over the top, but for the ladies size A or B, this let’s you live vicariously through your fortunate friends for a day.  Added bonus – the quality of these undergarments rivals Victoria’s Secret and other expensive brands.