Give Direction To Your Design

This is a new look, I’m totally obsessed with – using maps as decor.  Any antique shop you go into has stacks of old, crisp maps.  How great would that be up on a wall as art?  Plus, imagine if you find that perfect map that shows an area you frequented as a child or your hometown?   That would make it even more memorable.  I’m really loving the color combination in the photo below and will continue to search for that perfect map that I can use in my home.

Wallpaper Is Back

So I’m not going to lie, I ridiculed my parents for putting up wallpaper in their bathroom 5 years ago.   After spending a whole weekend taking down the wallpaper in my childhood bedroom, I had good reason to discourage the wallpaper renovation.  Since then, they have taken it down and have painted the bathroom.  My new suggestion for my parents and those of you who own your home, is wallpaper only one wall.  Check out the pictures below from Apartment Therapy.  It is a perfect pop of color and really ties the room together.  The only problem is you do have to tone down the rest of the room so it isn’t too overwhelming.  My two favorite combinations are below, along with Amy Butler wallpaper patterns I’m keeping my eye on.

Vintage Tablecloths

My mom just renovated her kitchen, so she was giving away a bunch of items that she didn’t want anymore.  I made sure to snatch up the vintage tablecloths she had collected over the years.  Antique store and flea markets always have them, they are reasonably priced, and the look is so fun!  You can change-up your whole kitchen with a new tablecloth!  With my lack of cupboard space, I am required to have a shelf in my kitchen, so my solution was to use the tablecloths to cover the wire racks and then put my dishes and appliances on top of the table linens.  It looks so cute!  Here are some fun options I found online!

Easy and Affordable Party Decorations

All you need are some glass bottles, rope, flowers, and an aparatus to hang items from.  How perfect would this be for an outdoor wedding reception, graduation party, or even an indoor event?!  I love the look, and the fact that you can change-up the appearance based on the flowers and foliage you use.  You could even hang some bottles from an umbrella and make it a year-round piece.  It is simple and beautiful, and inspired by a post on 100 Layer Cake Blog.

Cheap Trunk Transformed

I’m loving this idea – take a cheap piece of furniture that has a  hideous design and transform it into a beautifully unique discussion piece.  When I look at the trunk below, all I can think of is the furniture at TJ Maxx Home.  They always have affordable furniture with horrible designs.  Next time I see one with a shape I like, I think I’ll have to do this project.  My new bedroom is grey, black and white, so this would be a fun touch.  Then I can buy some fun knobs from Anthropologie and I’m all set! 

Love This Couch

I’m in love with the color and shape of this couch.  The buttons are super adorable.  It is absolutely beautiful!  Custom Sofa Design is company that sells this couch, as well as hundreds of other designs, styles and colors.  I was very impressed.  Even though I wont be buying another couch soon, I will keep this website in mind in the future.  Love it.



I was reading the Star Tribune at lunch and there was an article about a St. Paul gentleman that started a blog about Do It Yourself projects.  He created the website as  him and his wife were updating their Twin Cities home.  It is fun to read a decorating/home improvement blog written by a male – a nice change of pace!  The website is called Curbly – check it out!  My personal favorite is the removable fabric wallpaper.  It is perfect for renting!  I need to spice up my bedroom, so this could be my solution!!  See below for instructions.

Are you living in a leased space and your landlord forbids painting, wallpapering, and hammering into his precious walls and blank walls are driving you nuts?  Here’s a simple, easily reversible way to wallpaper your wall with fabric and strip it right off when you move. It’s so simple, Readymade tells you to soak a lightweight cotton fabric in a bucket of liquid starch. Then, with a brayer or straightedge, smooth the fabric onto the wall. A semi gloss painted wall works best for easy peel down. But what if you want to cover a wall wider than 45″ (width of most lightweight cotton fabric). There are two ways to do it.

1. Find a fabric you can live with and stitch panels together to cover a wider wall

2. Buy coordinating flat bed sheets on sale, cut and stitch sections together to make big enough piece to cover the wall or do a “collage” or patchwork effect by mixing it up

3. Cut strips of fabrics and measure across a wall and adhere stripes of fabric

4. Just do one long strip, vertically down a wall as a backdrop, or horizontally above a desk or bed

When you cut the fabric, you may have fraying of the fabric, you can stop that with FrayCheck, available at the fabric store.

When you’re ready to skedaddle, strip off the fabric, give the walls a good washing with soapy water and be ready to get your deposit back.

Beautiful Blue Glass

I found this picture online and had to share it.  I have collected numerous bottles and vases throughout the years at a flea market in northern Wisconsin.  I think I need a few more to get this effect, but at least now I have some great inspiration on what to do with the bottles scattered throughout my apartment.  My favorite is a blue medicine bottle with “Wisconsin” written on it.

Yellow Chairs

I’m on the hunt for a yellow chair for my bedroom.  Yellow is such a cheerful color, and it would be a perfect match with my new color theme – grey, black, and white.  I definitely need a pop of color.  I was doing a search online and found a couple of options that are similar to what I am imagining.  I think everyone should have at least one fun chair in their home – a deep purple, light teal, or red – pick your choice, but don’t be afraid of the color.