Cart Coffee Table

If you have been to a flea market or vintage shop lately, you probably would have seen the cart coffee tables.  I actually found a mangled cart in a Northern Wisconsin antique store and plan on fixing it up.  The best part is, it was only $40!  Now in comparison, you can find carts at flea markets for upwards of $150 – $700!  I think I got quite a bargain. 

Just Wink

Target now carries justWink greeting cards.  I am officially obsessed.  justWink is a greeting card program with cards in stores, mobile apps and a website.  justWink is the first greeting card brand that lets you connect anywhere, at least that is what their website says.  Some of my personal favorites are below.


The inside reads: “I’ll let you guys decide who this card is for.”


The inside reads: “Thanks for helping me ditch those losers.”

I made the trip to Gold Rush Days in Downtown Oronoco.  My big purchase was a piece of patterned tin which I plan to use as a headboard in my future house.  I have been making a lot of big purchases lately, so much so that we are going to need to purchase a storage unit.  The one bedroom isn’t going to cut it.

This is my vision for the headboard!

Or use vintage doors and clean linens.

Something as simple as weathered boards can make a statement.

Or for a cottage feel, try oars.


Burlap provides a great caramel color and adds texture to any room.  Here are just a few of many ideas for your home.  Maybe you wont want to snuggle up on the pillow, but it definitely adds an awesome look.


Vintage Maps

Vintage maps are fun and affordable decorating ideas.  I recently found a map of the Pacific Ocean that has “Caroline Islands” (my name) written in the middle.  It also shows where my grandfather was stationed in WWII.  This is definitely going to be art for my new home.  I’m searching for the perfect frame, but hope it has the impact these maps have!

Weigh the Options

I recently purchased an adorable teal kitchen scale from an antique store.  As of now, it is sitting on my kitchen shelf waiting for a purpose, so I decided to explore some options and found these brilliant ideas!

The practical option – eggs, fruit, vegetables.

The artistic option – a fresh flower from the garden.

Playful option – sweet treats for a party


Wake Up Smiling

Why not add a bit of cheer to your morning wake up call?  Here are some amazingly adorable alarm clocks that I would love to wake up to!  In fact, I actually own the first one.  It wakes me up with light instead of sound – so peaceful.