Antique Glass Bottles

I have written posts about glass bottles before, but I just can’t help myself – they are such a versatile accent!  Search out bottles with meaning – from your hometown, favorite beverage, etc.  Check out these brilliant ideas for your favorite antique bottles – pictures, fresh flowers, and hanging!


My co-worker shared this awesome website with me this afternoon – Pinterest!

It is place where users can post their favorite things on the website.  It is fun to browse and get ideas.  Literally, it could be as addicting as Facebook was in college.  Here are some of my favorites from today’s posts.

Bring something blue with you down the aisle.  Have your friends and family sign the bottom of your wedding shoes!

Love photo booths, love pictures, love this.

Such a brilliant idea – cut an orange in half, fill it with jelly (or jello shots), put in the refrigerator, and cut when firm.  Love this!!  Expect it at the next party I attend.


Too cute not to post

Stairway to Creativity

I have many friends who are in the process of buying a new house right now.  They are worried about the wall color, furniture, accessories, yard, etc.  But what about the stairs?  They are the forgotten element in the house.  How many times do you hear someone say, “I’m decorating my stairs.”  Well, I think it is about time to pay attention to those oh so important pathways.

Try different patterns of wallpaper on the risers.

Create a runner with paint

Or just paint the top or riser of each stair to add some spice


I saw a reference to Trohv, a home goods and gifts store based on the East Coast, in one of the blogs that I read frequently.  The meaning of Trohv is so perfect- a collection of artful objects discovered or found.  Perfect.  I am determined to visit their Baltimore, MD or Washington DC location soon!  Check out the adorable items they have for sale and the most unique displays they showcase on their website.

I love everything about this picture – the metal chairs, the strong wooden tabletop, the mason jars, the bright yellow backdrop….

Not Your Average Bulletin Board

I  love the idea of putting a bulletin board up in your entryway for important mail, save the dates, and friendly reminders, but why not make it adorable at the same time?  Cover a regular bulletin board with fabric and even add a frame to spice it up a bit.  Go one step further and hang your jewelry on the board – a great way to showcase all the earrings you have!  (and find the ones that best match your outfit!)