Mint. Green.

I go through color phases.  Well, mint green has been it since late spring.  I’m obsessed with everything mint green.  I saw a decorating show and am convinced I want to paint my walls mint green.  That will probably phase away before I actually get around to painting but the dream is there.  Until then, I will satisfy my craving with mint colored accents and clothing!

Vintage Bathtub Repurposed

This idea is a bit off the wall, but I am digging it.  A garden center I went to recently had baby bathtubs filled with plants and on a colorful painted stand.  At first I wasn’t sure about the idea, like most people I’m sure, but it really is both practical and vintage chic.  The bathtub already has a drain, so no need to worry about moldy soil, and the crisp white color of the tub is perfect for indoors or outside.  The sturdy piece makes for a unique look, definite conversation piece and practical planter.

Calendar Plates

Calendar plates are all over the place.  They lend themselves to the constant hunt for that specific year of meaning.   I have been searching for my birth year for about 6 months with no luck.  I have resorted to the year my parents got married, the year they were born, OR my birth year.  Despite my lack of luck lately, I truly enjoy the constant search and scavenging – one day I will find those special years!

Enamel Table Top

I’m sure everyone has seen them before – enamel or porcelain table tops from decades ago. I am obsessed. If you scrounge around in your local antique store of flea market, you may be able to find one.  They come in various colors, although most that I have seen are in white. A lot of times they will be found with only the top, which I believe is a better deal. You can then use them for whatever your heart desires. Try using an existing wood table, painting the legs and then putting the enamel piece on top to add a bit of color. Or, my personal favorite: hang them on the wall. It is an instant magnet bulletin board, which is perfect for a kitchen or mud room. I do have to give credit to my crafty, creative cousin for these ideas. Her new home has been my inspiration for a lot of my posts.