Furniture with a Soul

Isn’t that what everyone wants?  Furniture with character, a conversation piece, something no one else will have.  Well Nadeau is halfway there.  Yes, there is the possibility that someone else will have the same piece, but they do have fun, colorful pieces that will spice up your home.  They have  a store in Minneapolis, but for my friends across the country, they also have locations in Birmingham, Buckhead, Charleston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Huntsville, Marietta, Miami, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Savannah, and West Hollywood.


I recently downloaded an app for my iPhone.  It is called Fooducate.  It allows you to scan the bar code on foods, rates the foods and than tells you better, healthier options!  It is very accurate and lets you know other brands that may be healthier then the one you are choosing.  I’m a big fan.  Now only if I remember to use it…hmmm.

Carrie Bradshaw Inspired

Like most 20-something women, I am a huge fan of the Sex and the City series.  The movies, on the other hand, didn’t do it for me.  The only element I loved in the movies is Carrie’s adorable apartment.  I love the collage of picture frames behind her bed and the printed couches with the bright blue walls.  Adorable.  Plus, not that expensive.  You can get cheap frames and put pictures or paintings in them to add a little color. I have so many random cards, pictures and stationary that I love, but I keep it hidden away in boxes.  I think I might have to get it out and display it.  Sounds like my spring project.

Celebrate with Green

Most of you are probably wearing green, drinking beer and celebrating the Irish today with St. Patrick’s Day.  It makes me so happy to see green all over town, and if it makes me smile on March 17th, then you better believe I will have a green wedding some day on the happiest day of my life.  With all my friends having wedding fever, I can’t help but dream and be that girl who plans her wedding.  Here are just a few of the brilliant ideas I’ll keep locked away until I find the perfect man.

Green Walls

I’ve dreamed of painting a room green.  My only problem is I have so many green things, that it might be overwhelming.  For those of you who don’t splurge on every green item you see, consider this bold and beautiful look.

Very Green Juice Blend

Trader Joe’s carries a delicious juice that combines so many different ingredients, you wonder how it can taste the way it does!  Trader Joe’s Very Green Juice Blend is a blend of mango, banana and kiwi with green foods including broccoli, spinach, parsley, blue green algae, wheat grass and barley grass.  It is delicious and a great source of vitamins.  Yes, it does have 140 calories per serving and doesn’t look super appealing, but the vitamins you are getting from this Vegan, natural juice makes up for it.

Green Week

Green is the theme of the week for a variety of reasons: St. Patrick’s Day is on Thursday, my birthday is on Wednesday and green is my favorite color and I’m thinking spring!  Each day I’ll showcase a few of my favorite green items.   I hope you enjoy and are inspired by this glorious color.

Furniture is a great way to subtly bring the color into your home. Paint it or buy it, but I’m totally digging this grass green color and how it pops on the white wall.