Houseguest Survival Kit

I love this idea.  Not only does she implement it perfectly and exactly to my taste, but it is so practical!  I’m having some house guests at the end of the month.  Let’s see if I get this ambitious!  To find out more details, go to

Hungry Girl Newsletter

One of my friends clued me into this great website: Basically you receive e-mails every day that give you various recipes, tips, and slim down tricks. 

Monday is the day for all the latest GUILT-FREE FOOD NEWS.
Tuesday, we make over fatty favorites in CHEW THE RIGHT THING.
Wednesday is ASK HUNGRY GIRL day, with advice straight from HG.
Thursday’s WEEKLY WEIGH IN offers something different and surprising each week— usually new guilt-free recipes!
And Friday’s GIRLS BITE OUT serves up survival strategies and more!

Just another way to keep on top of that diet, and you can never have enough recipes!

Functioning Flower Frogs

You may have seen flower frogs in antique stores or at flea markets.  They are traditionally used in vases to hold flowers in place, but how about a pencil holder?  There are so many different kinds and colors – wire, green glass, clear glass – that they can go with any decor.  Check out the picture below and keep an eye out when you are antiquing.

Yearly Horoscope

For those of you that know me well, you know I am a big fan of reading my Yahoo horoscope daily.  There have been many days when my horoscope was right on.  For example, I had been contemplating leaving my job for a few weeks and had been struggling internally on whether it was the right decision.  The day I got my job offer, my horoscope read, “Change is inevitable — nobody knows that better than you. Still, that doesn’t make it fun, and as you cope with today’s big news, you need to remind yourself that it’s all a part of the cycle of life.”  This is only one instance – there have been several more.  Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, take the opportunity in the New Year to read your Yearly Horoscope at