Loving Lace

Lace is everywhere right now, and I’m jumping on the trend.  I love how feminine it looks.  The delicate fabric is a nice change from the traditional heavy winter attire.  I am totally digging the shoes from Steve Madden, this awesome purse and of course the work appropriate yet still fun dress.

Skinny Bitch – yes please.

I few of my friends have read the book Skinny Bitch by Kim Barnouin.  I was never a fan of not eating meat and going completely vegan – I’m from Wisconsin and love brats and cheese, come on.  I was, however, impressed with the Skinny Bitch cookbook.  I’m definitely not opposed to including some vegan in my diet, just not everyday.  The recipes are fairly simple and delicious! 


I’m traditionally behind the times when it comes to new music.  I have no doubt this instance is any different.  I’m loving  the song Kandi by One Eskimo right now.  Check out the awesome live version and the lyrics below.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFVIl1LPePI

You’ve been my queen for longer than you know
My love for you has been
Everything step I take
Every day I live
Everything I see

And if I get things wrong
Don’t want you to think I’m running away
But I heard from Jo about this guy and I want to know

What did he say?
He called me baby, baby all night long
What did he do?
He called me baby, baby all night long

Why? Why? Why, did you need him?
Where was I?
Just how close to you is he?
Every smile you gave
Every touch you made
Every word you said

And it hurts beyond hurt
It was a love that blinds
And a love that stings
When I heard from Jo about this guy
And I want to know

What did he say?
He called me baby, baby all night long
What did he do?
He called me baby, baby all night long
What did he do?

He called you baby, baby all night long
What did he do?
He called me baby, baby all night long
What did he say?
He called me baby, baby, all night long
What did he do?
He called you baby, baby, all night long

I know he called you babe
All night long

Christmas Card Collection

Can you tell I’m in the holiday spirit?  I am a huge fan of Christmas cards.  My family has taken a Christmas card since I can remember, and it is always fun looking back at us through the years.  Plus, who doesn’t like getting a nice letter in the mail instead of everyday bills and junk mail?  This is a simple way to showcase the cards you receive (yes, the more you receive, the more friends you have….kinda like Facebook friends) and a cheap decorating technique.  If you don’t have the cards that can just hang on twine, use small clothes pins or paperclips.  Love this – now I only need to receive some Christmas cards….

Wen – Where have you been?

My co-worker and cousin introduced me to Wen Shampoo recently.  I was initially hesitant because of the steep price and the fact that it does not lather.  I feel like I only know I completely covered my hair if I can feel the lather and see the suds – so not true.  I have only used Wen for a week, but I already know I will never go back to traditional shampoo.  My hair feels clean and full of body, which is typically hard for my hair type: flat and greasy.  Here is what they say online:

A 5-in-1 formula, this one product takes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. It cleanses hair thoroughly but without lathering and all the harsh ingredients that may be found in ordinary shampoos—it is designed so it won’t strip your hair and scalp of their natural oils. Your hair is left with sheen, moisture, manageability and better color retention.

Seriously, it is the truth.  Exactly what they say is the truth.  I am using the Almond Mint, but they have various scents based on the type of hair you have and what you are looking for.  Check out www.wenhaircare.com for more information.  Just don’t look at the guy who created the hair care line – he is kinda creepy.

Outstanding Ornaments

This is my weekend project.  I have three large windows in my living room/dining room, so why not capitalize on the empty space by filing it with holiday cheer?  Target has hundreds of colorful, vibrant ornaments right now, and ribbon is only a craft store away.  Plus, I love that the colors are not the traditional red and green.   Another benefit, I can take this decorating idea to another home once I eventually move out of my cramped apartment.

Spice Up Your Christmas Tree

I”m a big fan of real Christmas trees.  I love the smell, I love the process of chopping one down, and I love how it means Christmas is really here.  Living in an apartment is not exactly the most conducive to a real, living Christmas tree.  Therefore, I am considering opting for a metallic silver tree like the one below.  It still says Christmas, but isn’t the traditional green fake tree.  I have started my own collection of ornaments through gifts and most of my friends choose the pinks, purples and glittery ornaments; therefore, this would be perfect and coordinate with my existing options.  Let the holidays begin!