Bold and Beautiful

This picture totally caught my eye – I love the old bricks in the background with the bright pop of color!  I’m totally into yellow lately and just looking for that perfect apartment or home to make this design concept a reality.  Even if you don’t have a brick wall, how great of an idea to paint a frame and just hang it on the wall without a picture?  So cool

Give Direction To Your Design

This is a new look, I’m totally obsessed with – using maps as decor.  Any antique shop you go into has stacks of old, crisp maps.  How great would that be up on a wall as art?  Plus, imagine if you find that perfect map that shows an area you frequented as a child or your hometown?   That would make it even more memorable.  I’m really loving the color combination in the photo below and will continue to search for that perfect map that I can use in my home.

Terrific Trays

I got the idea to collect trays when I was at a hotel with my mom about 10 years ago.  We were exhausted so she ran down to get breakfast and brought it up to the room.  After looking at the typical cafeteria tray, my mom suggested I find a colorful tray and turn it into an end table.  I loved the idea, and after spending the rest of the day at garage sales in northern Wisconsin, I actually found a 50’s style tray in a vibrant teal color.  I still haven’t made that end table, but I did collect a few more options and use them throughout my house.  There are endless possibilities – hang them on your wall as art, use them on a coffee table, put your jewelry on them, or create a mail drop near your door for your keys and mail.  I saw this picture today and am inspired again.  Maybe this time I’ll actually make that end table.

Health Care Debate

I usually choose not to blog about political issues; however, this one just seems so relevant today.  One of my good friends is in Grad School and was given the assignment of watching Michael Moore’s documentary, “Sicko”.  She insisted I borrow it, so I watched it last week.  It really makes you realize how the United State’s healthcare compares to that of any other country, and I mean any, even third world countries.  For those skeptics out there, just give it a try, especially considering today marks the day that some health care rules will go into effect.   I know many of my friends have not had problems with health care because we all have insurance, but this film really makes you think about what life would be like if you didn’t have a job or were able to pay for insurance on your own.  Like I said, I’m not preaching, just wanted to share a unique perspective on our health care system and shed some light on what our government is currently trying to do.

Francesca’s Collections

This summer, the Mall of America completed its renovation of the South Side and added Italian tiles and chandeliers.  The idea was to obtain high-end retailers in these stores and create an upscale area of the Mall.  One of the best finds on the strip is Francesca’s Collections.  Although it looks like a cute boutique, the prices do not reflect that.  Yesterday I found a nice winter coat for $68.00!  They have amazing jewelry and accessories, including handbags, headbands, scarves and quirky gifts.  I’m in love with the style, which again is affordable, yet trendy.  The earrings below are only $14 – a great price for fashion items that could go out of style by next season.  Check out the website, but definitely make a stop at Mall of America to take a look at the store – so cute!

Wallpaper Is Back

So I’m not going to lie, I ridiculed my parents for putting up wallpaper in their bathroom 5 years ago.   After spending a whole weekend taking down the wallpaper in my childhood bedroom, I had good reason to discourage the wallpaper renovation.  Since then, they have taken it down and have painted the bathroom.  My new suggestion for my parents and those of you who own your home, is wallpaper only one wall.  Check out the pictures below from Apartment Therapy.  It is a perfect pop of color and really ties the room together.  The only problem is you do have to tone down the rest of the room so it isn’t too overwhelming.  My two favorite combinations are below, along with Amy Butler wallpaper patterns I’m keeping my eye on.

If You Don’t Have A Green Thumb

If you have ever been in my apartment, one thing you will notice right away is I have a lot of greenery.  Last year my grandfather passed away, and my office gave me a house plant.  I divided it up and have the plant scattered throughout my house.  Now a house plant is fairly easy to take care of, but I’m somehow managing to kill off every part one by one.  My solution – buy succulents.  They are similar to cactus, in that they retain water and don’t need much care to stay alive; however, they are much prettier.  I got mine on clearance sale at the end of the season, so now is the perfect time to buy!  Get a variety of colors and create a collage of green on your table.