Love for Fossil Handbags

Ever since I can remember, I have been in love with Fossil handbags.  I love the vintage style, the bold colors, and the craftmanship.  I can honestly say I have between 5-10 bags, they are the best.  My new favorite for the season is below.  I’ve been obsessed with this color lately, and the design is just adorable.  It is the perfect size for carrying everything to and from work.  The best part is, Herberger’s usually has Fossil bags, and you can get them at a discount when they have sales or coupons, which is pretty much everyday. 

Real Simple

As some of you maybe noticed, I get a lot of my ideas and inspiration from Real Simple Magazine. It is one of my favorite magazine, website, newsletter – everything!  Well yesterday after a long night of hanging with friends, my best friend and I decided it was a perfect lazy Sunday to dye our hair and look at wedding magazines.  Granted, she is a lot closer than I am to getting married (aka – she is dating someone), but nonetheless, neither of us has a ring on our finger.  We were going to go the cheap route, but how could we pass up Real Simple Wedding!?  Seriously, this has everything you could ever want when planning a wedding.  It is really more like a workbook than a magazine, but they still have inspiring wedding ideas and tons of photos.  One of my favorite is the color coordinating section.  If you prefer green, then it will give you several color combinations that work.  Ok, you think this can’t get any better, well just tear out the postcard insert inside the magazine, send it in, and you get ONE FULL YEAR OF FREE REAL SIMPLE!  Considering this is one of the more expensive magazines out there, this is a great deal!  Whether you are getting married or not, you can’t pass up a free subscription. 

Stella & Dot

My friend gave me a Stella & Dot magazine a few days ago.  If you are familiar with Silpada or Lila Sophia, it is a similar deal.  The items in this magazine, however, are much more my style.  Although it is on the pricy side, the construction is much better than anything you will find at the cheap jewelry stores like Love 21 or Target.  Plus their tag line is “inspired by strong women living amazing and ordinary lives with extraordinary grace and style”.  I love it.  I’ve always be one for strong women, and based on my recent encounter with my car mechanic, I like to think of myself as a strong woman as well.  Below are some of my favorites.  I love that you can get a necklace, then add a brooch or buy a necklace and add the charms.  I’m loving the idea for a bridal party or unique christmas present.

Cute Haircut, Cute Song

So I’m already a huge Sugarland fan, despite the sometime corny songs they produce.  Jennifer Nettles is simply adorable!  She just recently cut her hair for a  new video called “Stuck On Glue” and totally pulls it off.  The video makes me want to be her friend and embrace her energy.  I also love her because she can pull off vulnerable, like in her video, “Stay”, which makes me cry every time.  I’m very much looking forward to their new CD and will be watching for upcoming concerts.  She is an amazing woman, seems very down-to-earth, and has amazing style.  Now this is a music artist you can look up to.

Save Some Serious Cash

I never thought I would do it, but I’m spending a lot more money online lately.  It is just easier than traveling from store to store looking for that perfect gift for my dad’s birthday.  So when I saw this amazing little tool in the Real Simple newsletter, I knew I had to download it ASAP!  It is called Invisible Hand, and you download it to your computer to help in online shopping deals.  How it works is when you are on an online shopping site, it opens up a menu on top of your internet window that indicates if you can get the product at a different store online for cheaper!  It has real-time pricing and even works with Google, so if you are just searching for a product, it will show you where you can find the lowest price.  Simply amazing!  Every little bit of savings count, so check it out at

Tasting Party!

I’m loving the new Pier 1 concept.  They have a new line of dishware titled “Tasting Party” in which they sell small portion dishes.  It is a new trend in the entertainment industry and I’m jumping on board – now only if I could find room in my kitchen for all of these dishes and room in my apartment for all of my friends.  Nonetheless, the dishes are adorable.  First, anything mini is cute, so when you have mini martini glasses, mini ramenkin dishes, mini spoons, and mini shot glasses, it is sure to appeal to the majority.  Plus, the website,, even lists menu options and suggestions.  The sets are very affordable and great for a small get together with friends.  So fun!


Ultimate Packer Website

Everyone has their favorite sports team – mine just happens to be the Green Bay Packers.  Yes, growing up in the little city of Green Bay did have something to do with it.  When you go to the Mall on Packer Sunday and no one is there, but the game is still broadcast over the loudspeaker, you know where the priorities lie.  It isn’t hard to keep up on the latest player news or team developments.  Living in Minnesota, however, it is a little more challenging to keep up to date on my favorite professional team.  Don’t worry, there is a solution – is a reliable source that compiles all publications and broadcasts into one feed.  You can get the local news from the Green Bay Press Gazette, while still taking in the national news perspective from ESPN.  Did I mention I’m so excited for Football Season to be back!?

My Favorite Planner

A friend of mine introduced me to the PaperSource Daily Planner a few years ago.  Since then, I do not leave home without it.  It is a perfect combination of monthly and weekly views, plus is comes in four adorable colors.  My current planner recently had a run-in with some torrential rain, so I needed to purchase a new one ASAP.  Luckily, PaperSource sells their planners twice a year – in August for back-to-school featuring a 18 month calendar and in January for the typical 12 month version.  My previous planner was olive, but this time I decided to spice it up with coral.  Plus, their new version offers a “Do Something Creative This Week” box on each page that is a fun added touch to keep you having fun and enjoying life everyday.  Another added feature is the “Websites to Visit”, “Restaurants to Try” page in the back, that lets you keep track of great new ideas in an organized manner.  You seriously can’t get any better.  You can purchase them online or at their store in Uptown Minneapolis. 

Vintage Tablecloths

My mom just renovated her kitchen, so she was giving away a bunch of items that she didn’t want anymore.  I made sure to snatch up the vintage tablecloths she had collected over the years.  Antique store and flea markets always have them, they are reasonably priced, and the look is so fun!  You can change-up your whole kitchen with a new tablecloth!  With my lack of cupboard space, I am required to have a shelf in my kitchen, so my solution was to use the tablecloths to cover the wire racks and then put my dishes and appliances on top of the table linens.  It looks so cute!  Here are some fun options I found online!

Raw Elements Jewelry

One of my girlfriends told me about this amazing jeweler.  She creates amazing jewelry pieces out of reclaimed metals and acquires the metal from reputable, environmentally friendly companies.  Being a recycling freak myself, this makes her jewelry even more appealing!  Plus, the whole element of having a locally created, one-of-a-kind piece is so special.  I posted some of my favorites below.  Check out her website on Etsy at  She also has a larger selection on Facebook if you search Raw Elements Jewelry.  Let the shopping begin!