Vintage Flower Pots

Each year I travel to northern Wisconsin to spend some time with my mom’s side of the family.  We all rent trailors and hunker down in a campground for a week.  Our daily excitement is going out to breakfast daily, paging through old magazines, fishing on the lake, finding ways to outsmart the chipmunks and the occasional outing to the antique store or flea market.  Each year I seem to become obsessed with purchasing one item throughout our antique experience.  Last year was glass bottles and this year was flower pots with attached saucers.  I was obsessed!  I think I ended up with four flower pots at the end of four days – each one a little different, but as a whole, they make a wonderful collection.   A popular brand is the Mccoy, but there are others as well.  You know a quality pot when there is a small hole near the bottom of the pot where water can drain directly into the saucer.  Take a look at a few I found online and keep your eyes peeled as you go on our your own antique adventure!


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