I was reading the Star Tribune at lunch and there was an article about a St. Paul gentleman that started a blog about Do It Yourself projects.  He created the website as  him and his wife were updating their Twin Cities home.  It is fun to read a decorating/home improvement blog written by a male – a nice change of pace!  The website is called Curbly – check it out!  My personal favorite is the removable fabric wallpaper.  It is perfect for renting!  I need to spice up my bedroom, so this could be my solution!!  See below for instructions.

Are you living in a leased space and your landlord forbids painting, wallpapering, and hammering into his precious walls and blank walls are driving you nuts?  Here’s a simple, easily reversible way to wallpaper your wall with fabric and strip it right off when you move. It’s so simple, Readymade tells you to soak a lightweight cotton fabric in a bucket of liquid starch. Then, with a brayer or straightedge, smooth the fabric onto the wall. A semi gloss painted wall works best for easy peel down. But what if you want to cover a wall wider than 45″ (width of most lightweight cotton fabric). There are two ways to do it.

1. Find a fabric you can live with and stitch panels together to cover a wider wall

2. Buy coordinating flat bed sheets on sale, cut and stitch sections together to make big enough piece to cover the wall or do a “collage” or patchwork effect by mixing it up

3. Cut strips of fabrics and measure across a wall and adhere stripes of fabric

4. Just do one long strip, vertically down a wall as a backdrop, or horizontally above a desk or bed

When you cut the fabric, you may have fraying of the fabric, you can stop that with FrayCheck, available at the fabric store.

When you’re ready to skedaddle, strip off the fabric, give the walls a good washing with soapy water and be ready to get your deposit back.


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