Interesting Article

My boss forwarded me a e-newsletter with information on how to work with young adults from Generation Y.  Take a look at the three steps on “how to better interact” and let me know what you think!

1.    They are immediate. This often comes off as impatience, but Gen Ys are used to things moving at a fast pace. Channel this energy into projects that are meaningful to them and need a flurry of activity to get accomplished.

2.    They are informal. Gen Ys tend to be comfortable interacting with anyone at any level of the organization. Encourage this outreach but ask that they keep you updated about whom they’re talking to and on what topics.

3.    They learn with others. To figure out a new task, Gen Ys often like to talk it through, sometimes with people from another unit or a different company. When the task is sensitive, set the rules that this is out-of-bounds. For other topics, recognize that this collaborative instinct is a good one and don’t discourage it even if it’s not your style.


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