Men are from Mars…

Yes, I’m talking about the book “Men are from Mars.  Women are from Venus”. Ok, I know what you are thinking – are you really reading that book that came out in the early 90’s.  Well yes, yes I am.  Honestly, it is well worth the read!  I thought a lot of topics would only pertain to married couples my parent’s age, but turns out I find myself saying “Wow – if I only would have known” or “I totally do that!”.  I even went as far as giving my ex-boyfriend the book to read a few chapters in hopes that it helps his future relationships.  I realize now there were a lot of things in my relationship that could have been handled differently and there were a lot of things that BOTH of us needed to learn about the opposite sex.  Whether you are in a relationship or single, this book is very enlightening and helpful in any romantic relationship.


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