Spring Time Allergy Savior

I am so excited spring is here!  The only bad thing about spring is being allergic to grass.  Every April and May, like so many others, I get the sinus headaches, itchy eyes, and runny nose.  This year, however, I found a quick fix which has become my new allergy savior – the Neti Pot!  It is a small tea-pot that you fill with water then put a small pack of saline which flushes out the nasal cavities of bacteria and all the nastiness up there.  This week I started feeling the effects of my allergies on Monday and of course I had to fly out on Wednesday for work, so I immediately used the Neti Pot twice a day on Monday and Tuesday.  By Wednesday, I was ready to fly!  I’m not saying this replaces your regular doctor visit or allergy medication, but it is a nice alternative and organic!


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