My Favorite Puppy

If anyone knows me, they know I have not been a fan of children or animals; however, a lot has changed in my life lately.  My new obsession is “Teddy Bear Puppies”, which are technically called Shichons (Shih tzu and Bichon-poo mix).  I know I know, dogs are a big responsbility, but check out these facts about this unique breed:

  • Teddy Bears are bred for their temperament, unlike most small dogs these days they are not high strung, and only bark occasionally when playing or if a stranger comes in your home unannounced.
  • Teddy bears were originally bred for handicapped children, so they could hug and squeeze them with out getting a nip and struggle and instead get licks and love in return.
  • Teddy bears have a rag doll feel to them, they’re hair comes in ether very soft and curly or a strait airy silky type, both hair types are very nice to the feel of them.  Unlike any dog you may have petted in the past, they are also virtually hypoallergenic, and extremely affectionate.
  • Teddy bears can learn tricks, and love to show off, they are great with people and love other pets,they like playing catch, love swimming and chasing people to lick them like crazy.

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