I have creative friends

I am fortunate to be surrounded by extremely creative friends.  Many of them I worked with in previous positions.  I want to shamelessly promote them, just as I shamelessly steal their ideas. 


Abby Anderson specializes in floral design, but is seriously one of the most creative people I have ever met.  Her blog, www.bloomingdesign.wordpress.com, is always inspiring, but check out her website at www.skinnerjones.com for her professional portfolio.  If you are getting married and want a unique florist, Abby is defnitely the one to call!


Tyler Richter is an extremely talented individual who has produced and won several awards for his creative videos.  His new company, td/RICHTER, directs, produces, shoots & edits film, corporate & commercial productions in the Twin Cities.  Check out  his YouTube video: http://bit.ly/tdreel


Jodi Tupy creates printed designs as sweet as she is.  Her website, www.tupyboutique.com, showcases her delicately designed wedding, baby, and greeting card collections.  She can even customize a design especially for you. 

I hope you enjoy their work as much as I do.

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